• Products Tailored to Local Needs

    Giti knows that the Indian consumer’s interests and driving demands are unique, and treats them as such. This is why we develop our products and strategy with the needs of local consumers in mind.

  • Branded Retail Network

    Giti signage is represented on many retail locations throughout North India, raising awareness of the brand and showing the passion of its dedicated retailers.

  • Localized Promotions

    Marketing promotions, campaigns and activities are created and targeted especially for local consumers by our India team.

  • Long-Lasting OE Relationships

    As a long-time partner with General Motors India, Giti Tyre continues to provide top quality tyres to local consumers both at the stage of their car purchase and in the aftermarket.

    Giti has also works with other manufactures in India and worldwide a great deal of recognition, including multiple quality excellence awards.

  • Commitment to Growth

    Giti’s is focused on the India market in growing the brand, and is commited to talent and resources to expand its reach.